靈氣精華噴霧 The Intuitive *不適用全店折扣的優惠 / 購物金

靈氣精華噴霧 The Intuitive *不適用全店折扣的優惠 / 購物金


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靈氣精華噴霧 *不適用全店折扣的優惠 / 購物金


made in Italy

適合膚質: 乾涸、炎症肌膚 (牛皮癬、玫瑰痤瘡、痤瘡、過敏、曬傷等)、敏弱膚質



以每滴帶來的鎮靜功效洗滌肌膚、髮絲、靈魂和心靈。賦予敏弱、發炎等問題膚質無比舒緩力量,為乾涸肌帶來保濕的泉源。令人驚奇的是,帶給心靈一種沉穩、平靜、安寧的境界,引導您感應直覺、增強內心聲音,為生活打造更多美麗體驗。發揮強大保護功能,讓肌膚取得平衡,倍感欣慰心緒。 透過這種草本霧化技術,把保濕力量及活力徹底溶入肌膚,為系列帶來耀眼光芒。







發揮皮膚抗炎功效 (痤瘡、玫瑰痤瘡等)
















  • 抗病毒
  • 抗菌
  • 消炎
  • 止痛
  • 助處理皮膚問題 : 痤瘡, 皰瘡, 癬, 皮膚炎等



  • 治療痘痘粉刺:金縷梅能調節皮膚油質,減少痘痘與粉刺的產生
  • 減少浮腫與靜脈曲張:金縷梅能夠收縮血管,減少浮腫的產生
  • 保濕收斂:金縷梅很適合作為收斂化妝水,清爽自然並且有清潔舒緩肌膚紅腫的效果
  •  細化毛孔:金縷梅令女性族群瘋狂的就是能夠細化毛細孔,讓肌膚變的更細緻光嫩
  •  清潔和舒緩傷口:有消炎與促進傷口結痂的效果,是清洗與消毒傷口的好選擇
  •  止癢:可以舒緩昆蟲的叮咬傷


1. 西洋蓍草

2. 秘魯聖木純露

3. 苦橙花純露

4. 香桃金孃純露

5. 金縷梅純露

6. 大馬士革玫瑰純露

7. 金盞花

8. 油橄欖

9. 乳酸桿菌

10. 玫瑰果油

11. 瑪魯拉果油

12. 高地牛膝草

13. 柑橘花

14. 越南安息香

15. 永久花

16. 芳枸葉

17. 摩洛哥藍艾菊

18. 有機植物酒精

19. 苯甲酸芐酯

20. 肉桂酸芐酯

21. 水楊酸芐酯

22. 肉桂酚

23. 檸檬醛

24. 香茅醇

25. 乙醇

26. 丁香酚

27. 合金歡醇

28. 香葉醇

29. 檸檬烯

30. 芳樟醇




  • 於面部噴上該噴霧,以此為您進入寧靜境界
  • 於塗抹精華及面霜前使用以濕潤肌膚
  • 可與面霜/面膜濕合使用
  • 鎮靜問題膚質
  • 於夏季為肌膚提振
  • 適用面部及身體肌膚
  • 作為靈氣噴霧:更進一步為情緒、精神和意識產生深遠正面影響。照亮您的視線,緩解過渡時期的壓力,消除障礙。當噴灑到您的周圍環境時,它發揮保護、平衡情緒和清除負面氣氛有力法寶
  • 作為室內噴霧劑:淨化負能量,綻放呵護的安寧感。於會議和重要演講之前等緊張狀態時,它有效塑造安靜的空間
  • 噴於髮絲上,讓您綻放醉人的氣味
  • 您最好的旅行盟友:為所處空間帶來濕潤、消除負能量等療癒功效;噴於枕頭、飛機坐位,釋放任何旅行引起的壓力。
  • 作為枕頭噴霧劑:帶來平靜和幸福的感覺,促進深度、寧靜的睡眠

the intuitive
Flowers rain petal soft on your skin. Delight yourself with deeply satisfying hydration and a deep calm. Atune your inner voice.

Shower skin and hair, soul and spirit with the luminous beauty and the calming relief of each and every joyous droplet. “The intuitive” knows how to handle it all: sensitive, finicky, challenging conditions will be delighted beyond measure by its soothing powers, inflammation prone complexions will be so relieved, thirsty skin will be quenched. Marvel also at how “the intuitive” creates more and more beauty in your life by bringing about a deeply calming, peaceful, tranquil mood, guiding you into your intuition and strengthening your inner voice. It is so comforting to also experience “the intuitive’s” hugely protective powers and to benefit from its balancing effects on your rhythms. Amplify the brilliance in each piece of the max and me collection by introducing the holistic and energetic goodness of the water element in this botanical mist to your ritual.

scent bouquet
warm, woody spiciness, with tangy subnotes of sweet freshness

deeply calming and benefiting sensitive, finicky, challenging conditions
anti-inflammatory powers for troubled skin (acne, rosacea...)
quenches dehydrated skin
balancing & regulating
helps speed up recovery, supports cell and tissue repair
incredibly protective powers, dispels negative energy
brings about tranquility, peacefulness and wellbeing
highly vibrant powers

skin type / condition
gorgeously effective for all thirsty skin types ∙ with an unparalleled ability to bring peace to troubled & inflamed complexions (psoriasis, rosacea, acne, allergic reactions, sunburn...) ∙ also sensitive, finicky, challenged conditions will be delighted beyond measure by its soothing powers

key ingredients
Palo Santo Hydrosol & Essential Oil, Wild Agonis, Blue Tansy, Helichrysum Italicum, Calendula

high-vibe sourcing
What sparked "the intuitive" was Palo Santo, an outstanding essential oil and hydrosol which has deep spiritual meaning, strong protective forces and great energetic powers as well as incredible skin healing properties. Its sacred character, its ability to support heightened energy in the body, elevating soul & spirit, deeply resonates with our high- vibe focus. It centers, bringing about emotional balance and tranquility. Our source of Palo Santo is a most beautiful, intimate distillery in Equador working dedicated and in deep communication with the trees, creating an essential oil and hydrosol that is vibrating at its most beautiful and highest.

A deeper look into the ingredients
We embedded Palo Santo, this outstanding essential oil and hydrosol in Yarrow, Myrtle, Rose, Hamamelis and Neroli flower waters and infused this with a rare and exceptionel blend of essential oils: Most beautiful otherworldly Agonis, which helps to lock into circadian rhythms, sweetly tangy, uplifting and calming green Mandarine, Neroli oil, from freshly hand-picked organic orange blossoms, magical blue Tansy, with its indigo hue mirroring the thirds eye chakra, allowing a step back for observation and ease. Masterhealer Immortelle and Calendula, calming Benzoe Siam. And some magical drops of Marula and Rosehip oil. They all work together to relieve and soothe, regulate and balance skin, speed up recovery and initiate self-healing.

the ritual
“The intuitive” is a most beautiful guide through your max and me ritual – opening and closing it, lifting it all the while to new heights, creating a light-filled, protected space. Bringing about emotional tranquility and peacefulness, sparking intuition in that stillness that may arise, as well as focusing the mind on what you want to concentrate on.

enter into each and every max and me ritual by spraying “the intuitive” around your head, allowing it to create stillness.

dampen and moisten your face with “the intuitive” before applying the face oil or balm

make an emulsion with beauty balm or mix it with mask & wash

add on to any troubled skin treatment – this is heaven.

use as a refresher throughout the day during those hot summer months – ideally put it in the refrigerator for a cooling sensation.

apply on your face and your whole body, too.

aura spray: goes further than skincarewith a deep effect on emotions, spirit and consciousness. It will brighten your outlook, ease the stress of transitional times, dispel blockages. When sprayed in your aura or into your surroundings, it is a powerfultool for protection, grounding, balancing emotions and clearing the atmosphere.

use it as a room spray: enjoying the clearing energy, the protective quality, the peacefulness it spreads. Before meetings and important talks, during conferences– marvel at the centered, tranquil space it creates.

enjoy as a hair mist: such a lovely way to infuse hydration into your mane and, oh, and this ravishing smell!

your best travel ally: creating a protective shield, dispelling negative energies and infusing deep, deep hydration. So wherever you go, make sure to shower hotel rooms, sleeping pillows, even your place in the aircraft with this healing, protecting, peaceful botanical mist, releasing any travel-induced stress.

pillow spray: bringing about feelings of calm and well-being “the intuitive” can promote deep, restful sleep.

Achillea Millefolium Flower Water1, Bursera Graveolens Flower Water2, Citrus Aurantium Flower Water1, Myrtus Communis Flower Water1, Hamamelis Virginiana Flower Water1, Rosa Damascena Flower Water1, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract1, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil1, Lactobacillus Ferment, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil1, Sclerocarya Birrea Kernel Oil2, Bursera Graveolens Oil2 , Citrus Aurantium Flower Extract1, Hyssopus Officinalis Decumbens Oil3, Citrus Reticulata Flower Extract1, Styrax Tonkinensis Oil1, Helichrysum Italicum Flower Oil1, Agonis Fragrans Oil2, Tanacetum Annuum Oil3, Alcohol1, Benzyl Benzoate4, Benzyl Cinnamate4, Benzyl Salicylate4, Cineol4, Citral4, Citronellol4, Ethanol4, Eugenol4, Farnesol4, Geraniol4, Limonene4, Linalool4

1 certified organic cultivation
2 wild-crafted
3 from monitored organic wild-grown harvest
4 natural constituents of essential oils


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  • 香港辦公室/住宅地址順豐直送-現貨1-2日發貨(全單滿 $800 即享免運 ; 相反就要收件人到付)(如要拆件,第二次開始會由收件人到付)
  • 澳門辦公室/住宅地址順豐直送-現貨1-2日發貨(全單滿 $800 即享免運 ; 相反就要收件人到付)(如要拆件,第二次開始會由收件人到付)


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